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Yacht Party Planning: A Checklist For Incredible Yacht Parties

While owning a yacht is already a sign of luxury, nothing screams decadence and class like a yacht party. Exclusive, fun, and an absolute classic, a yacht party is one of the best ways to start or cap off your vacation. Just imagine the stories you and your friends will tell once your party is over!

But of course, before you can even set your sails and party, there is the matter of making the party happen. From party themes, outfit ideas, and even the guest list–planning a yacht party can be stressful. But fret not, we’ve got you covered.

From choosing a theme, picking out the food, and even selecting your yacht party outfit, check out our guide to planning an unforgettable yacht party:

Yacht Party Planning: What You Need For An Incredible Party

If you’re really planning to impress your friends and guests, then there’s no doubt that a yacht party will do so. You just have to make sure that your party stays afloat–literally and figuratively!

Just like any party, success comes from meticulous planning. That is doubly true when we’re talking about yacht parties. A well-planned party not only ensures that your guests will have fun, but it also accounts for everybody’s safety while they are on board.

From picking the right yacht to the right playlist, here’s a list of things you need to smoothen out so you you can have a smooth sailing party to remember:

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Pick out the right yacht and destination

There’s no yacht party without a yacht! One of the first things you should settle when planning your party is where your party will be. With a yacht party, you have to take note of two things when it comes to location: the yacht and the party destination.

If you’re planning out a yacht party, then a yacht is a must-have. However, for yacht parties, not just any yacht will do. A yacht party requires you to bring out a spacious yacht for your guests. Depending on the theme and destination of your party, you can bring out a modern wonder or a vintage boat restored to its full glory. Whatever vessel you choose, it’s important that they’re fully maintained–so before any party happens, make sure that you’ve done your yacht interior cleaning and yacht exterior cleaning so you wow your guests.

Aside from the yacht itself, your destination is also a huge factor to your party’s success. The beauty of holding your party on a yacht is that you can go anywhere your vessel allows as long as your guests and crew are comfortable with it. Pick out a destination that fits your theme and highlights the season. If you’re having difficulties choosing, check out these sailing docks in the Philippines and get some inspiration on where you can go from there!

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Select an enjoyable theme

Themed parties may seem clichéd, but having a theme allows you to have an easier time preparing for your yacht party. Besides, a themed party doesn’t have to be too gaudy or in the face–you can have a themed party that exudes luxury and elegance while still having fun.

If you’re having some trouble whipping up a theme for your yacht party, going for a classical nautical theme isn’t a bad idea. It’s a classic after all and one of the easiest party themes to prepare for. Just put on some red, blue, and white streamers and wear that stylish sailor’s outfit and you’re good to go.

Just because you’re having a party on a yacht doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to nautical parties. Some awesome party theme ideas include a disco night, a karaoke night, a Vegas poker party, or even an Oscar awards night where you and your friends can dress to the nines! A good rule of thumb is to also theme your party around the season, so if you’re having a celebration during Christmas, then “Winter Wonderland on Sea” is definitely a viable option.

Again, much like parties on land, your yacht party’s theme is limited by your imagination (and your vessel’s limitations as well). Pick out a theme that’s engaging for you and your guests so everybody on board has fun.

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Plan your guest list

While it may be your first instinct to invite everyone you know to parties, you can’t do that when you’re planning a yacht party. Compared to venues on land, yachts have a very small capacity and if you factor in your crew, some of your initial guests will inevitably be cut off. It might seem cruel to not invite everyone, but a yacht can only carry so much on board.

When planning your guest list, always take into account your party’s theme, activities, and ambiance. If you’re going to be partying until dawn with a summertime bash, then adding grandma to the guest list might seem inappropriate. However, if you’re hosting an elegant soiree, grandma’s stories and wisdom are the perfect addition.

Always make sure to invite people who you know mesh well together or at the very least don’t have bad blood between them. In a yacht party, there’s only a limited number of places that your guests can go around in and it might kill the fun if there’s tension and awkwardness among your guests.

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Assign an appropriate dress code

When it comes to parties, dressing up is half the fun! That’s why having a dress code is essential so your guests know how to dress for your shindig. It’s also a good way to ensure that your yacht party has that luxurious vibe.

There are two important things to remember when assigning a dress code for any party: comfort and appropriateness. Since you’ll be on water, one of the last things you and your guests should worry about would be if you feel comfortable wearing your outfits. Your dress code shou also, of course, match your theme. It would be quite weird seeing someone dress up in a swimsuit, no matter how stunning, to a vintage Hollywood glamour themed party, after all.

Keep in mind when assigning a dress code for your yacht party that you’ll be the model that your guests follow as the host! Don’t choose a dress code that would be impossible for you to pull off. Most importantly, guide your guests when they’re having difficulty decoding the dress code and send them examples of what they can wear to your party.

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Serve up some delicious food

What’s a party without food? An absolute disaster!

One of the surefire ways to make your yacht party enjoyable and memorable is by serving some delicious food. No matter where they are, land or at sea, party guests expect to be fed and served so having a decadent meal on board is an absolute must. Serve scrumptious and thematically appropriate food and drinks to ensure that your party’s a hit.

Since you’ll be on water, why not serve up some oysters or fresh seafood? It’s a great way to highlight your destination while keeping your guests happy and well-fed. Aside from food, make sure that you have an array of drinks that your guests can choose from. When in doubt, an open bar is always nice–just make sure that you have enough manpower to keep things safe and in check when things get a little rowdy.

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Hire a reliable staff and crew

Let’s face it: planning parties can be hard. That’s why it’s important to have all reliable hands on deck when you’re planning a yacht party. As the host, you can’t do everything–so you need a competent staff and crew on board to keep things running smoothly.

An experienced staff and crew will make sure that things will go off without a hitch. They’re there to greet and instruct guests about safety, serve food, and make sure that the yacht is safe and fully functional. Any host would know that they won’t survive the hosting without a reliable staff and crew, so make sure you have one with you so you can enjoy the party too!

Curate an awesome playlist

So you’ve got your friends, your food, and your cruise–what seems to be missing? The mood, of course!

Music is an incredibly useful tool that helps you achieve the vibe and ambiance you’re going for. It’s also extremely powerful as one bad song can bring down the party’s mood. That’s why having a curated playlist is important for your yacht party.

Pick out thematically appropriate songs to play all through the day (or night!) and make sure that they’re not too disruptive so your guests can mingle and talk. You can also consider hiring a DJ if you want to add a little more luxe to your shindig, but make sure that your DJ is fully vetted so you can rest easy during your party. If you’re feeling a little braver (and if it fits the theme!), you might even want to consider having a high class karaoke machine on board so you and your guests can sing your hearts out. Who knows? You might attract Prince Eric or Ariel with your lovely voice!

people partying in a yacht

Enjoy Decadence and Luxury With A Yacht Party!

A well-organized yacht party is the epitome of class and elegance–which is why it’s always such a treat to attend one. While planning a yacht party can be a little complicated because of the extra factors you need to consider, seeing the results truly does leave you feeling happy and elevated.

Enjoy the special moments in your life and add in class, luxury, and decadence to your celebrations by having your parties in your private yacht. We guarantee that there’s nothing quite like partying at sea!

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