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Discover Your Yacht Marketing Options

Yacht companies can further grow their business with the right yacht marketing.They can start by highlighting their tours and related activities per tour for more people to see. But, they shouldn’t use the same approach that other companies use. They need to make their yacht marketing ideas pop so they can catch their target audience’s attention, which will lead to actual bookings.

This article will discuss yacht charter marketing options for boat charter owners, whether seasoned or new to the industry. We’re going to answer the most basic to the more complex concepts surrounding this strategy. Let’s start with the first things first:

What Is Boat Chartering?

Boat chartering is simply the practice of hiring out a water vessel like a sailboat or motor yacht to travel to any island destination. Ideally, this involves recreational activities for those on vacation, but it can also be for a business event.

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Two Main Types of Charter

Depending on the arrangement, renters can either go for bareboat or skippered charter. The difference between them is listed below:

A bareboat charter is where there is no crew or provisions in the chartering agreement. The people renting the water vessel will be responsible for all their travelling needs. Think of it as a rental car without a driver.

A Skippered charter comes complete with a professional crew and a captain responsible for navigation. This option is common for larger yacht rentals. The captain must have certifications, and nautical skills and experience are required. It’s just like a party limo rental with a driver and everything else you need at the back.

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Why Is Yacht Charter Marketing Important?

Yacht marketing is a great way to make sure that your services will reach your target market. Being able to create awareness about what you offer is crucial in enticing more people to book a tour or rent your boats. Nowadays, more people will skip a company that has no online presence. Customers want easy and accessible options. And you have to make sure that you are that and more.

Here are some top yacht marketing ideas to help get you started:

Build a Website to Create an Online Presence

One of the easiest and simplest ways you can kick start your marketing is to create a website where you can promote your tours and boat rental packages. You should be able to provide clients with information about your company like your office address or phone number. Make things even easier for them by having an easy-to-navigate booking and rental system for faster transactions.

Get Moving on Social Media

Social media is very easy to use to your advantage. It’s probably one of the most personal platforms you can ever use. It’s where customers can gauge your friendliness and responsiveness and consider it as a preview of the service they’re likely to experience with you.

Utilise the Right Keywords

Search engines play a huge role in customer decisions. Most people nowadays turn to Google before checking out other platforms for their needs. And when we say most people, this includes people who are interested in going on a boat tour or hiring a yacht. That’s why your website must utilise keywords that potential clients are likely to use when searching online.

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Have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Some yacht companies use marketing strategies that don’t involve defining a USP which is a lost opportunity. Remember that unless you’re the only business that can offer what you offer, you can’t be complacent with your promotions. You need to have a USP that’s truly unique and second to none. Otherwise, potential customers can just write the boat charter company names on slips of paper and randomly pick one. Without a USP, it makes no difference to a client whether they choose you or not.

Why is your business better? You need to have an answer to this question before you can start a marketing campaign for your company. Without it, your business will just be another charter company in the eyes of a customer.

Write Quality Content, or Find Someone to Do It

A clear and well-written content will allow your website or social media visitors to get to know your brand and services more. You can hone your brand’s identity and set the tone of your customer service. If your website gives off a friendly, fun, and helpful vibe, there’s a high chance that the readers will be encouraged to reach out and ask about your services.

Be Generous With Pictures

Visual content is very important in the websites of yacht chartering companies. You should be able to present several pictures of the tour, the boat, and the amenities because it’s one of the things that will encourage customers to hire you. You can also build trust by posting pictures of previous or repeat customers.

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Invite Customers to Leave a Review

Consumers are becoming smarter and smarter. Most buyers check out product reviews before anything. The same goes for services like yacht rentals. Encourage your customers to leave a review so that future customers will know what’s in store for them.

What Can You Do to Help Your Chosen Marketing Company?

Yacht companies use marketing strategies based on the professional recommendation of the marketing company they’re working with. But, your responsibility shouldn’t stop there. One of the things within your control that you can do to help, is to make sure your yachts and boats are ready for service. Make sure they’re presentable and well-maintained. Remember, you can’t just build an image online and not live up to that image. There are several yacht care companies online; make sure you choose the best one.

Marine Care can provide you with yacht interior cleaning and detailing services so your boat and yachts can stay picture-perfect all year round. We can also help you with maintenance so you can ensure your crew and your customers’ safety. Get in touch with us for quality and cost-effective yacht care services today.

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