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Yacht Chandleries: The Secret to Stocking Up Your Boat or Yacht

When it comes to sailing, you’re probably aware that you need a whole lot of supplies and tools to ensure a smooth and hassle-free voyage. If you’re a beginner and you’re not yet familiar with the ins and outs of sailing and supply purchases, you’re probably at your wits’ end on where you can stock up your yacht. What’s great though is that there’s one place where you can get it all, from emergency supplies to equipment for yacht repairs and maintenance: Yacht Chandleries. In this article, we’ll go in-depth on what yacht chandleries are and why these shops or dealers are crucial for smooth sailing.

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What Is a Yacht Chandlery?

In simple terms, yacht chandleries function as one-stop marine supplies store for yacht and boat enthusiasts, where they can buy equipment and supplies needed for a variety of yacht functions: from communication purposes to maritime emergency preparedness.

This is a fairly far cry from what a chandlery was in earlier times, which mainly catered to the candle and wax needs of boats and ships. But as dealers and shop owners started to specialize in supplying maritime vessels with equipment other than candles, waxes and soaps, the term started to change – eventually evolving to what it is now.

Today, yacht chandleries in the Philippines are found in strategic locations at the most popular boat docks in the country, like Subic Bay, Manila Bay and Puerto Princesa. You can also visit numerous showrooms around the country where yacht chandleries showcase their products for the various types of vessels they cater to.

If you’re unsure what types of equipment and supplies chandleries have, here’s a quick list of what they typically offer:

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Navigation and Satellite Equipment

One of the most important pieces of equipment in any nautical vessel are its navigational devices, from manual compasses to advanced radars and GPS – all of which are available at yacht chandleries. Sailors are often trained to read any type of navigation equipment in the event of GPS failure or other technologic issues you may encounter in the open seas. By making sure that your boat is adequately stocked with main and alternative navigational supplies, you can ensure your safety and security during voyages.

Yacht Exterior and Interior Cleaning Supplies

Boat ownership means that you’re also responsible for boat upkeep and maintenance for both the interiors and the exteriors. However, boat cleaning and maintenance doesn’t only mean that you’ll be keeping your boat clean, but these are also crucial parts in ensuring your boat’s longevity and quality.

Remember that your boat consists of a wide variety of materials and surfaces, with each requiring a different type of cleaning substance or system to avoid breaking down. Stock up on specialized cleaning supplies at yacht chandleries and you won’t need to worry about sourcing the different types that your boat needs.

Technology Communication Devices and Radios

Communication devices function as a type of lifeline for boats out on the water, ensuring that you can alert people on land or other voyaging vessels if ever you are in distress or are in need of assistance. Yacht chandleries often have a variety of communication devices as well as spare parts in their catalogs, such as marine radio equipment, satellite communications, position beacons (e.g., Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon, or EPIRB), and other non-technology communication tools, like flares, distress flags and sound-producing devices.

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Emergency and Safety Equipment

Yacht chandleries can help you build emergency stockpiles, so you don’t have to navigate maritime emergencies and probably accidents with lacking supplies. You can buy a variety of emergency equipment from yacht chandleries on ports, such as life jackets, MOB retrieval systems, lifesaving lights, and firefighting equipment. In addition, don’t forget to put together first aid kits in waterproof bags in case of injuries on board.

Energy Supplies and Electricity Alternatives

When you’re out in the open seas, one of the most important things you need to have is energy, since you need to power up your systems and equipment at all times. Stock up on batteries, alternative energy sources and wind chargers so that you won’t be short of any electricity source in case of equipment issues when setting off.

Yacht Lighting Fixtures and Personal Lighting Tools

Maritime vessels are required to have appropriate lighting fixtures and personal lighting tools not only to provide sailors and passengers enough visual assistance, but to also make themselves visible during nighttime or reduced visibility out in the water. Navigational lights, such as white anchor lights and vessel type indicators, help sailors be aware of other vessels within their vicinity to avoid any type of collision or to determine the proper course of action in the event of intersecting routes. Yacht chandleries often have lighting fixtures and navigational lights in stock to help equip your boat with all the necessary tools for visibility.

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Mooring and Anchoring Supplies

Mooring and anchoring is a crucial and critical process in maritime voyages, with improper mooring and less-than-optimal anchoring equipment causing severe injuries and deaths in sailors and seafarers. To lower the chances of these unfortunate accidents, mooring mechanisms and operating equipment must be free of physical damages. The good news is that yacht chandleries can help you keep your mooring supplies up to date with new fittings, indicators, and rigs.

Paint and Detailing Tools

If you’re ever in need of paints, varnishes, polishes, and brushes for detailing purposes, yacht chandleries usually have these in stock. You can choose from a variety of colors and shades that would fit best for the different surfaces of your yacht, as well as polishes for granite and marble countertops and refinishing materials for timeless wooden floorboards.

General Boat and Yacht Appliances and Tools

How are you going to survive in the open seas if your plumbing, refrigeration, and cooking systems are less than optimal? The wide range of functional products that yacht chandleries have in their catalogs will help keep all systems in check to make your voyage as hassle-free and as easy to navigate as possible. Don’t worry about faulty plumbing or refrigeration failures by making sure that your boats and yachts are always in top shape.

Some Useful Tips for Buying From a Yacht Chandlery

Unsure how to navigate the new world of stocking up your boat through a yacht chandlery? Whether you’re buying from a yacht chandlery in the Philippines or anywhere around the world, there are a few tips you can follow to make your trips worthwhile and as thorough as possible.

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1. List down supplies you need to stock up on

Before heading to a yacht chandlery, create a checklist of supplies and equipment that you would need for your boat, whether they’re emergency systems or cleaning supplies. This will help you stay organized and help chandlery personnel be as efficient as possible with preparing your supplies for delivery.

2. Check for any yacht part that needs upgrading or repairing

Before you plan on placing orders at your nearest yacht chandlery, consider doing a thorough run-through on all systems and parts of your boat first. This will help you determine whether you would need significant upgrades or repairs for any crucial parts. This way you can hit two birds with one stone by being able to stock up on your boating supplies, as well as source parts and pieces of equipment you would need for future repairs.

3. Ask for bulk purchase discounts

More often than not, boat owners buy supplies in bulk to avoid multiple trips to stores and to take advantage of delivery costs. If you’re planning to stock up on boating supplies and equipment, try asking for bulk purchase discounts, especially if you’re sourcing all your purchases from one supplier or a single yacht chandlery.

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4. Don’t be shy about asking questions about boating supplies and sailing

Yacht chandleries are often manned by chandlers, who are highly experienced in boat supplies and yacht equipment. If you have any questions or clarifications about any type of equipment that you need for your boat, they will probably have the best answers. Chandlers may also give you valuable advice about the marine industry and voyaging in general.

Marine Care Has Your Back With Boat Maintenance and Care

Aside from making sure that your boat or yacht is well stocked and supplied with high-quality products and equipment, boat maintenance is also vital in boat ownership. Together with yacht chandleries, Marine Care can help you keep your boats in top shape with expert yacht repair, maintenance, and cleaning. We provide you with only the best quality work and customer care possible because we recognize that boats are not only huge investments, but they’re also the pride and joy of many boat owners. Partner with us at Marine Care and let us take the helm at maintaining your boats and yachts to keep them spotless and at maximum boat performance.

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