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Enjoyable Water Activities to Try on Your Boating Trip

When you think of a yachting experience, you’re probably imagining cruising around on your elegant yacht while overlooking the scenic ocean. Relaxing on your boat is definitely something you can do, especially after you’ve invested in yacht maintenance and yacht cleaning to keep it in a beautiful condition. But if you’re planning on boating in the Philippines, there are a ton of interesting water activities you can try out.

Step out the boat and maximize your Philippine yachting experience and visit islands, learn about the aquatic biodiversity, and try out unique water recreational activities. With its rich culture and biodiversity, you’re bound to have something peak your interest!

If you’re looking for exciting new things to try out, here’s our list of recommended water activities to experience here in the Philippines:

For the chill voyagers

Sometimes, a boat is the perfect place to lounge around and forget about the fast-paced environment of the Metro. After all, being lulled by the waters while you enjoy the good life is as relaxing as it gets! You don’t have to go for high-energy yacht activities to enjoy your time on your boat.

If your ideal scenario is sunbathing on deck while nursing a glass of your favorite drink, then here are some laid back yet enjoyable boating activities to try:

a romantic picnic on a yacht

Romantic Dinners and On-Deck Picnics

Spending time on a yacht usually means that you’re celebrating something special. Make the celebration extra special and live the high life with your significant other or your inner circles as you wine and dine on Philippine cuisine in your yacht.

fishing on a yacht

Game Fishing

Fishing and yachting are quite synonymous activities. Complete the yachting experience and hook your next big catch! Philippine waters are excellent fishing pools because of its rich biodiversity. Subic waters, for example, are filled with hook sailfish, king mackerel, or barracuda. Meanwhile if you’re visiting Cebu, you can catch grouper, eel, or snappers. Commemorate your catch with a picture and a smile!

Boats sailing in Palawan


If you’re going for a chill experience, then perhaps sightseeing is one of the best boating activities for you. Since you’ll be the one charting the boat, you get to visit islands that truly interest you instead of the pre-planned itineraries provided in public tours.

For the thrill-seeking explorers

Don’t let the relaxing ambiance fool you–there’s absolutely nothing boring about being on a yacht. After all, you’re exploring the ocean! There’s bound to be something exciting you can do in the water.

Stretch your muscles and get an adrenaline-high when you experience these recreational activities in the water:

friends swimming near their yacht


When in the water, the best way to move is to swim, of course! Feeling a bit more dynamic? Try diving from your yacht!

Pick a safe place and jump off from a safe height from your yacht and into the waters. Make sure that the water isn’t shallow and that there are no rocks or corals that you might fall into when you jump. The large cover your yacht provides also gives you and your circle enough privacy to make it feel like a private swimming area. Just make sure to keep yourself swimming in a safe depth and distance away from the yacht to keep yourself safe!

kayaking in the open sea


If you’re looking to get a workout, try kayaking. Get your upper body a nice workout and work on those paddling skills. Just remember to check the weather before kayaking and to wear vests as a safety precaution. If this will be your first time trying out this water activity, make sure you follow the instructions of more experienced kayak instructors!

a man wakeboarding in the ocean


As long as your boat can move at a certain speed and a tow rope is present, you can try out wakeboarding. This exciting water sport is one of the more popular recreational activities in the water. Make sure that you’re properly versed with what to do and communicate well with your crew so that you stay safe.

For the curious travelers

With over 7000 islands, the Philippines is a veritable travel destination for those with wanderlust. If you’re going yachting, then it’s best to experience the rich biodiversity of the country and see new places of beauty in the water.

Try out these water activities that not only inspire your wanderlust, but also teach you a bit more about the Philippines:

snorkeling in the ocean


See the wondrous coral reefs and other marine life that the Philippines has to offer. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about swimming all the way down, then you might want to try snorkeling instead. All you will need is  a snorkel, goggles, and a life vest and you’re basically good to go! Make sure to swim with a group and to stay near your yacht so that you don’t risk your safety.

scuba divers see a turtle

Scuba Diving

Fulfill your mermaid dreams with this favorite water recreational activity. Get up close and personal with the rich biodiversity of the country. Just take note that if you want to go scuba diving, you and your companions need to be licensed divers if you plan on diving by yourself. This is to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of the marine life. PADI offers diving courses and diving bookings that will assist beginner divers in getting their license. Maximize your trip by dedicating an entire day to diving so you get to spend the day swimming with the adorable fishes.

a group of friends tubing while connected to a yacht


If you’re trying to find a chill and leisurely way to explore, try out tubing. This is the tamer version of wakeboarding, where you don’t have to worry about having to maintain your balance. Similar to wakeboarding, you are still pulled around, but instead of standing on a wakeboard, you’re pulled around in a tubing that looks like a donut. It’s a calmer way to look around the area while still being submerged in the water.

Experience Yachting with Interesting Water Activities

Yachting in itself is already a fun activity that you can spend hours on. After all, there’s a lot of interesting things going on the deck and in the saloons. Add in the company and you’re sure to have a good time!

The Philippines is one of the best places to go yachting. Not only does it have a rich biodiversity, but a lot of places you go to offer experiences that enrich your yachting trip. Try out the recreational activities above or think of a few exciting ones on your own! After all, you’re already on a yacht and it can only get better from there!

Make sure that your yacht is in tiptop condition so you get to have the best experience possible. If you’re looking for the best yacht service provider, Marine Care offers yacht maintenance and yacht cleaning that’s sure to keep your boat in pristine condition!

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