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Sailing In The Philippines: Where Do You Go?

With over 7000 islands in the Philippine archipelago, it’s no wonder that many tourists and locals love the country come summertime. Dubbed as the ultimate summer destination, the country offers an array of well-known and hidden spots that’s perfect for sea-loving and sailing adventurers out there. From island hopping to simple sailing, the Philippines has something for you.

Located conveniently between Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia, the country has become a popular destination for boats and yachts coming from Mainland Asia. With its clear waters and beautiful islands, the country offers 116,000 square miles of diverse and exciting spots for sailors. In fact, it’s one of the best destinations for cruising and island hopping thanks to its strategic position!

So get your pre-departure checklist done and have a blast visiting the best sailing destinations here in the Philippines!

Travelling to the Philippines

The Philippines is considered to have one of the best grounds for sailing and maritime activities in Asia. Despite this, there is a lack of infrastructures for boats and yachts in the country. This is why it’s important to have everything–from boat plumbing systems to your yacht monitoring system–in check.

a beautiful island in the Philippines

While keeping your systems in check is a must for any sailing trip, there are other things you should keep in mind when sailing in the Philippines:

Plan Out Your Course

If you’re planning on island hopping in the Philippines, make sure to chart out your course so that you can have a smooth sailing journey. Keeping in mind the lack of infrastructure for yachts and boats, it’s also best to note where the major ports and nearby yacht services are to make sure that you’re well-prepared for your trip. Aside from your major destinations, it’s important that you have an idea of the ports in the area so you know where to proceed.

Don’t Sail After Daylight

Daylight sailing is a common practice among visiting sailors here in the Philippines. It’s also preferred, considering the dense population and heavy dependence on subsistence fishing in the country. If you’re planning on sailing in the Philippines, it’s best to set sail while there’s still light to avoid accidents and collisions during your relaxing vacation trips.

Watch Out For The Weather

Sailors everywhere know better than to sail in unfavorable conditions, which is why it’s important to watch out for the weather in this tropical country. Averaging about 20 storms during the rainy season, the Philippines has to be one of the most affected countries when it comes to typhoons. As always, it’s best to sail under calm skies, so it’s very important to check the weather conditions constantly during your sailing days.

Best Sailing Destination In The Philippines

The Philippines has over 7,000 islands, which makes it perfect for island hopping and sailing. If it’s your first time to travel to the country, you might find yourself wondering which stops to go first. While the country has an array of islands that you can choose from depending on what you want to do, we’ve compiled a list of the best sailing destinations for first timers here.

boracay lettering made on sand


Known for its famous white beach sands and clear blue waters, Boracays is dubbed as the Saint Tropez of the Philippines. Boracay is a crowd favorite among local and foreign travelers alike, mostly because of its lively yet relaxed atmosphere. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between indulgent and calm, then Boracay is a perfect stop to add to your island hopping adventure in the Philippines.

The island has an array of dining and leisure options, including resorts and hotels. There’s also a veritable amount of delicious restaurants and bars in the area. For those looking for more physical activities, Boracay is one of the best places to go kiteboarding. The island also has several diving operations, as well as water activities such as snorkeling and parasailing.

shores of Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera

If you’re sailing in the Philippines, Puerto Galera is the perfect place for avid sailors . Located just south of Manila, Puerto Galera is also known as The Sailing Hub of The Philippines and is home to the Puerto Galera Yacht Club. This island is located in the northern coast of Mindoro and offers cozy beaches that are fun to explore and relax in.

With the Puerto Galera Yacht Club around, the island has a well-protected harbor for boats and yachts. In fact, it’s one of the choice spots for yachts during typhoons and rainy seasons because of the protection it offers. The PGYC also hosts several large regattas and races which are regularly attended by boat owners from all over Asia.

palm trees and the sea shore of Part Barton Palawan

Port Barton, Palawan

This hidden gem provides a more relaxed ambiance than its popular counterparts. Unlike El Nido and Coron, Port Barton doesn’t have an influx of tourists yet. That doesn’t mean that the island has nothing to offer!

Port Barton has an array of picturesque areas that will satisfy your wanderlust. It’s the perfect addition to your itinerary if you’re planning to go island hopping in the Philippines. Visit the IG-worthy cliffs at Inaladelan Islands, colorful reefs at Exotic Island, and the wondrous sandbars in Star Fish Island to fully experience the wonders of this breathtaking place.

islands of El Nido Palawan

El Nido and Coron, Palawan

These popular tourist spots are famous for a reason. While Palawan should be an instant addition to any island hopping and sailing itinerary in the Philippines, these two are usually listed down by first timers because of the beauty and wonders that you get to experience in these spots. It’s not exactly an exaggeration to say that you really shouldn’t miss out on visiting Palawan if it’s your first time sailing in the Philippines.

Both islands are famous for their pristine beaches and gorgeous limestone formations that are truly breathtaking and magical. El Nido serves as the entrance for the Bacuit Archipelago and offers several island hopping tours and packages that you can pick based on what you want to experience. Meanwhile, Coron offers magical lagoons and stunning locations such as Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoons, Skeleton Wreck, and Coral Garden.

shores of Santa Fe Cebu


As one of the biggest tourist destinations in the Philippines, Cebu offers a wide array of attractions in both rural and urban aspects. The island itself is quite large, so you’ll have several beaches and coastlines to choose from. Additionally, Cebu also has the Cebu Yacht Club located in Mactan Island, which is just across Cebu City.

Cebu has a lot of nearby attractions, which will satisfy your wanderlust. Included in the top recommendations is the island of Malapascua, located just north of Cebu. Malapascua is a quiet spot that’s famed for its diving opportunities, particularly the shark dive excursions. The divers in the island are also keen conservationists, so if you’re looking to learn and get some excitement in your sailing adventures, Cebu is definitely the way to go.

Subic Bay's blue waves and a view of the mountains at the back

Subic Bay

If you want to improve your sailing or if you’re travelling with friends who are just beginning to hear the call of the oceans, then you might want to consider Subic Bay! Offering gorgeous views of the ocean and the horizon, Subic Bay is perfect for those looking to have a relaxing sailing trip. It also has the Subic Sailing Club which offers sailing classes for those learning how to sail. It’s the perfect stop for anyone who’s just starting out their sailing adventures.

chocolate hills in Bohol


Bohol is one of the more popular spots for sailing in the Philippines as its calm and clear waters offer sailors a great time to experience the ocean. Sailing in Bohol gives you access to several nearby islands, as well as a warm tropical weather to relax in. The best part about Bohol waters? There’s a chance that you get to interact with dolphins!

a rocky island in Siargao


Known all over the world as one of the most gorgeous beaches, Siargao island is a heaven on earth for almost every traveler that visits. Its lush, tropical vibe makes you feel like you’re in paradise, no matter where you come from. The island itself has so much to offer, from food to culture, which is why both local and foreign tourists flock towards it.

Sailing in the Philippines offers beautiful and diverse waters, but this is doubly so when you go to Siargao. With its exquisite turquoise oceans, Siargao is also a surfer’s paradise as it offers exciting yet challenging waves for adventurers out there. If you’re looking to discover more islands, however, you can definitely add Guyam Island, Naked Island, and Daku Island on your island hopping itinerary.

rock formation in Lahus Island Beach in Caramoan


If you’re looking to pander to your more adventurous side, then go ahead and sail towards the island of Caramoan. This hidden paradise takes you away from the business of the cities and lets you experience nature’s beauty in the most solemn way possible. Caramoan features untouched gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, and exquisite sandbars that are sure to excite the adventurers out there.

If you’re wondering why this island sounds familiar, it’s because it has been featured in Survivor Philippines! Add this to your itinerary and visit locations such as Hunongan Cave and Matukad Island to live out your “Survivor” dreams.

Sailing: It’s More Fun In The Philippines!

Sailing should be a fun and relaxing experience, which is why going to a place where you can live life to the fullest is never a wrong idea. The Philippines offers diverse and exciting locations that you can visit everytime you set sail. From pristine beaches to breathtaking coral reefs, the country has something to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

From island hopping to leisurely sailing, the Philippines can offer you a wonderful and breathtaking adventure. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you’ve got those systems in check and start your sailing adventures in this wonderful country!

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