Subic Bay Yacht Club

Subic Bay Yacht Club: A Haven of Relaxation and Leisure

Are you looking to unwind and disconnect from the city life of Metro Manila but you’re not too keen on travelling far? Subic Bay Yacht Club is one of the premier sailing destinations for boating enthusiasts and yacht owners since 1997. And with the sprawling clubhouse and the various water activities that they offer, their continuous prestige in the boating community comes as no surprise.

So whether you’re looking for an escape or an excuse to relax while your boat gets its regular yacht maintenance and repair, Subic Bay Yacht Club should be at the top of your potential destination list – and in this article, we’ll share with you why this is so.

Five Reasons Why You Should Visit the Subic Bay Yacht Club

Subic Bay is an area in the Philippines that figures largely in history, from its use as a naval port during the Spanish colonization, to the establishment of the U.S. Naval Base after the war. Today, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Area is a successful hub for trade and investments, where multinational companies have become attracted to.

However, its history as a military zone is not the reason why Subic Bay has become a hub for people looking for respite. With its beautiful beaches and impressive coastlines, Subic Bay has become a tourist destination for people who want to escape the noise of the metro.

If you’re one of the people who are looking for a relaxing time in the sun or a close destination for a sea voyage, one of the best choices you can go to is the Subic Bay Yacht Club, an exclusive destination that boasts world-class facilities and impressive sights. Here are five reasons why we think you should definitely pay them a visit, or even sign up as a member:

clear skies and calm waters in Subic Bay seaside

Subic Bay Yacht Club Is Strategically Located

Located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, the Subic Bay Yacht Club is strategically located three hours away from Manila, making it one of the most accessible docks in the Philippines. What’s great about Subic Bay, however, doesn’t lie in its geographic location. It’s more on the fact that Subic Bay is considered the safest bay in the country, thanks to the deep waters and its landlocked features in three directions. This means that the waves are generally tamed in this part of the country, making your boats and yachts safe from potential damage that may occur through natural means whilst docked.

In addition, thanks to Subic Bay Yacht Club’s wide land and sea area, boats of different sizes are welcome to dock at any time, from 25ft-long boats to 178ft-long yachts.

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The Clubhouse Accommodations Are Top-Notch

Since the Subic Bay Yacht Club was established in 1997, they have catered to generations of boat enthusiasts and yacht owners who typically expect only the best accommodations and facilities. And they do not disappoint, with the luxurious 17,000 square-meter Subic Bay Yacht Club hotel and clubhouse. You won’t have to worry about overnight or multiple-day stays since this yacht club has top-notch accommodations, from upper deck rooms to the lavish presidential suites, each equipped with only the most elegant designs to satisfy the taste of the yacht club’s distinguished members.

Aside from their suites, the Subic Bay Yacht Club’s clubhouse also houses facilities catered to the needs of their guests, such as the five large swimming pool sections for swimmers and sunbathers, fitness gyms with modern equipment, sports venues for casual basketball, volleyball, and tennis games, and a movie theater for cinephiles.

aerial view of hotels and resorts in Subic Bay

Subic Bay Yacht Club Is a Full-Functioning Community

Subic Bay Yacht Club also offers a wide array of facilities outside the clubhouse, from Italian bistros and cafés for your dining needs, to boutiques and beauty salons for shopping and personal care purposes. And of course, a yacht club shouldn’t be a yacht club if it doesn’t cater to boats and yachts. Subic Bay Yacht Club has specialized yacht repair facilities, so you won’t need to look too far if your boat needs some upgrades, repairs, or maintenance.

These include ship chandleries, where you can buy and stock up on boat supplies, gear, and equipment; floating fuel stations; boatmen’s quarters; and pontoons for on-water repairs. Safety and security will also not be a problem since the yacht club operates a 24-hour rescue team if ever emergencies or accidents occur out at sea.

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Water Activities Won’t Let You Stay Bored

When it comes to leisure activities, Subic Bay Yacht Club won’t let you down. With a variety of water sports available for members and guests, you don’t have to worry about becoming bored during your stay. In addition, because Subic Bay Yacht Club is strategically located and accessible, there are numerous businesses around the Subic Freeport Zone that offer numerous outdoor and indoor activities where you can stay entertained all throughout your vacation trip, such as banana boat rides and jet ski rentals.

Subic Bay Yacht Club Port

No Boat? No Worries! Subic Bay Yacht Club Offers Yacht Rentals

One of the first questions that people often ask is whether you have to own a boat or yacht to be part of a yacht club. Many sources say that while it is not mandatory, boating knowledge and enthusiasm is a must. The next questions is, “How much would it take to rent a yacht in Subic?”

The question to this depends on how long you want to rent the yacht or boat, and what type of boat you’re looking for. What’s great about the Subic Bay Yacht Club is that they offer boat rentals with competitive prices through La Banca Cruises Subic, which is located within the yacht club. They offer different packages and durations depending on your preference, including overnight stays on the yacht for evening parties and events, or day cruises for casual sailing and sightseeing around Subic Bay.

With boats that can accommodate up to 30 people on board, you can enjoy a day out in the sun and unwind with some of your closest friends and family. You can take part in water sports, go swimming in the open seas, or just enjoy a relaxing dinner and appreciate the impressive coastlines of Subic Bay.

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How Do You Get a Membership to Subic Bay Yacht Club?

With their impressive accommodations and offerings, you’re probably already considering signing up for a membership at Subic Bay Yacht Club. And as their website says, “Membership in the club is a privilege.” There are numerous requirements that you have to submit and accomplish before you become a full-fledged member. One requirement is that you need to be a stockholder for the yacht club, with at least one share of stock. Filing an application for membership is also dependent on the action Subic Bay Yacht Club’s Board of Directors.

While the process for membership may be a bit lengthy, the benefits more than make up for it. These include priority accommodations to the only world-class marina country club in the Philippines, free and unlimited use of the recreational facilities at the clubhouse, free use of boathouse function rooms, as well as exclusive member discounts for room rates and food items.

Another great feature that Subic Bay Yacht Club offers its members is access to their reciprocal clubs abroad, which include but are not limited to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Royal Selangot Yacht Club in Malaysia, Raffles Marina in Singapore, the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club in the United Kingdom, and the Golden Gate Yacht Club in California.

Visit Subic Bay Yacht Club for Unmatched Service and Hospitality

If you’re looking for a yacht club dedicated to their member’s comfort and relaxation or a passionate community where you can meet other boat enthusiasts and yacht owners, the Subic Bay Yacht Club is the place to be. With unrivaled features, accommodations, and offerings, you won’t have to worry about anything during your vacation trip. You can come and enjoy the tranquil waters and safe harbors of Subic Bay, and rest assured that the clubhouse will give you world-class service and hospitality.

As for boat maintenance while you’re docked at Subic Bay Yacht Club, leave the task to us at Marine Care. Much like how the Subic Bay Yacht Club is dedicated to offering you the best experience, we at Marine Care are committed to giving you only the highest quality service when it comes to boat maintenance and repair.

With a wide range of services, from regular boat tune-ups and system checks to electrical repairs and interior detailing, you won’t need to worry about your boat’s upkeep. At Marine Care, we know and acknowledge that boats and yachts are big investments, which is why we do our best to make your boats shine and shimmer, both above and below the waterline.

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