Yacht Exterior Cleaning

Yacht Exterior Cleaning and Detailing Services: Bring Your Boat Back to Its Former Glory

Marine Care provides full-service yacht exterior cleaning and detailing services in the Philippines. We take marine maintenance to the next level.

Yacht Exterior Services

Get Your Boat in Tip-Top Condition

Being out in the sea is a wonderful feeling but coming back to land can be a letdown. Your yacht can be contaminated easily by the sun’s UV rays and salt water, which wear away your boat’s beautiful exterior finish. Over time, this can decrease the aesthetics and value of your yacht. With your vessel left in harsh conditions, regular exterior maintenance improves your enjoyment of your boat and significantly improves its overall long-term condition.

At Marine Care, we provide professional yacht exterior services such as detailing, below waterline maintenance, and boat refit solutions. We help you ensure your yacht lasts for generations and always ready for you to take a cruise.


Our Yacht Exterior Services

From yacht exterior detailing to below waterline maintenance, our services ensure your boat remains in perfect condition year-round. You can choose from our range of exterior services below or we can tailor a solution to suit you and your needs.

Exterior Detailing

We wash the superstructure and hull, leather dry the exterior, scrub all non-slip decks, brighten all teak decks, polish windows, and more.

Below Waterline Maintenance

We check latches, battery tie downs, outboard motor mounts, seat assemblies and pumps, including the livewell and bulge. We also clean grime and sludge that may impact the bilge and wiring.


We replace or add aged hull machinery with new equipment, beef up the engine, improve exhaust systems, and upgrade the propellers.

Benefits of Yacht Exterior Services from Marine Care

Maintain your boat’s appearance

You don’t want your precious vessel to be the marina’s ugly duckling. If you take pride in your boat’s appearance, do what you can to maintain it.

It takes more than a quick scrub or a new coat of wax to preserve the aesthetics of your yacht. With our yacht exterior detailing services in the Philippines, we get into the tiny cracks and crevices you might otherwise skip. Everyone is sure to notice and admire your sparkling clean boat.

The Right Knowledge & Tools for the Job

A professional boat exterior detailer has access to equipment and supplies you can’t get on your own.

Our exterior detailing services include but are not limited to the latest gelcoat oxidation removal, hull cleaning, and ceramic coatings. We also know how to protect your yacht against algae, rust, rocks, dirt, salt, and other threats to your boat’s exterior.

Less Work for You

Even if you had the equipment, experience, and time to maintain your boat’s exterior, would you really want to?

If you don’t want to waste a beautiful day cleaning or maintaining your boat, let the experts at Marine Care handle everything for you. You’ll get back to doing what you love most – sailing and enjoying the fresh sea breeze!


We’re the Only Yacht Exterior Services Company You Need

Marine Care has extensive expertise and experience in boat exterior detailing, below waterline maintenance, and refit — now accessible by all yacht owners in the Philippines.

Complete Yacht Repair Services

Whether it’s a simple washdown and specialist teak deck cleaning or a complete exterior refit of your yacht, we deliver reliable results each time.

Dedicated Customer Care

We don’t just care about your boat, we care about you too. Experience working with a friendly service team fully committed to your satisfaction! If ever you need any assistance, we’re just a call away.

High-Quality Work at Affordable Prices We take away the chores and headaches of maintaining your boat by offering our yacht exterior detailing and boat refit services in the Philippines at very competitive rates, no matter the level of service needed.

Our Happy Clients!

See how we make yacht owners happy with our services. We’ve done it for our past and current clients, we can do it for you too!

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Ready to Experience Smoother Sailing?

If you would like to find out more about our yacht exterior services in the Philippines or arrange a tailored solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will gladly discuss your requirements.

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