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Best Marina/Sailing Docks in the Philippines

Sailing in the Philippines is a superb hobby that’s fun and entertaining for everyone. It’s a relaxing way to spend time with family and friends, enjoying the blowing wind, rolling waves, and bright sunshine.

Luckily, there are lots of marinas in the Philippines where you can dock and enjoy the beautiful scenery offered by different destinations. With the country’s pristine waters, beautiful beaches, and warm climate, you can fully enjoy the luxuries of sailing and satisfy your waterlust.

Has your vessel recently undergone yacht care and maintenance? If so, then it’s time to sail! In this article, we highlight the top marina and sailing stops in the Philippines.

Puerto Galera's seaside

Puerto Galera Yacht Club

N13° 30.75’ E120° 57.25’ (+63943.287.3401)

Located in the center of the North Coast of Oriental Mindoro, the Puerto Galera Yacht Club welcomes luxury motor yachts and sailing yachts from Asia and around the world. It’s a recognized hub for cruising routes in and out of the West Pacific, especially since it’s situated within one of the most beautiful natural typhoon shelters in the world.

The commercial port of Batangas is just 15 miles south of the yacht club. Here, sailing enthusiasts in the Philippines can purchase spare parts for generators, engines, and others. The yacht club’s surrounding coves and beaches also offer a great venue for water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Cebu Yacht Club

Cebu Yacht Club

N10° 19.43’ E123° 58.33’ (+63932.340.2939)

As one of the pioneer yacht clubs and marinas in the Philippines, Cebu Yacht Club is a full-service safe harbor that accommodates vessels up to 300 feet and 6 meter draft. The sailing destination lies as an oasis of tranquility amidst the mystical waters of the Visayas, perfect for stopovers, major repairs, lengthy stays, or simply a restocking of supplies.

This yacht club in Cebu is also near shopping centers and supermarkets, as well as sports facilities and entertainment hubs. If you want first-rate accommodation, the Cebu Yacht Club Islandville is just a short walk from the docs where you can stay in studios, suites, and villas situated near the water’s edge.

boats along the batangas horizon

Punta Fuego Yacht Club

N14° 07.79’ E120° 35.39’ (+63977.201.2223)

It wouldn’t be a list of the top marina destinations in the Philippines without Punta Fuego. Nestled on the pristine coast of Nasugbu, it serves a vibrant and dynamic community of people who share a love for sailing. The yacht club welcomes luxury yacht owners and boat enthusiasts who value their vessels as both a sage investment and a lavish retreat. It’s also open to catamarans and even small watercrafts.

This sailing dock in the Philippines is home to 30 berths, a parking area with 150 trailers, lockers and shower rooms, a fuel station, a chandlery, and a chart room. Yacht owners can also satisfy their cravings with an extensive array of drinks and finger food at the Barracuda Bar. The menu offers delicious choices such as frankfurters and a Basque-style paella.

the coast along Davao

Holiday Oceanview Marina

N07° 11.94’ E125° 42.74’ (+63932.385.0708)

Want to sail to one of the safest places in Mindanao? Dock your vessel at Holiday Oceanview Marina in Davao. This marina in southern Philippines accommodates visiting vessels with tight security and all-around sunny weather.

Holiday Oceanview Marina can serve yachts up to 50 ft long, with a slipway for boats up to 60 ft long, 20 tons, and 7 ft draft. The marina is also complete with supplies and repair facilities. For recreation options, the clubhouse offers a bar and during Friday nights, guests are invited to a potluck barbecue. You can also sign up for snorkeling and scuba diving.

clear skies and calm waters in Subic

Subic Bay Yacht Club

N14° 49.20’ E120° 17.45’ (+6347.252.5211)

Looking for a marina in the Philippines that’s only a 3-hour drive from Metro Manila? Dock at Subic Bay Yacht Club in Zambales, located in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (the deepest and safest bay in the country). The marina can accommodate yachts from 25ft long to 178ft long. 

Since 1998, Subic Bay Yacht Club has been the premier sailing destination in the Philippines, with a 17,000 square-meter clubhouse  with function rooms, restaurants, guest rooms, presidential suites, lounge bar, night club, and even a movie theater! There are also pontoon boats, speedboats, and jet skis for rent and a wide variety of water activities, including shipwreck diving.

Sailing: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Sailing is one of the most rewarding ways to relax, a wonderful leisure activity that you can share with family and friends. You can enjoy a peaceful time out on the water just lounging on deck or spending quality bonding moments with loved ones.

Sailing also takes you to faraway places, especially with the wealth of marina spots in the Philippines. You can discover new, different ports where exploration is never dull and you live out rich and fulfilling experiences.

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